In 5th grade, for my birthday, my mom bought me a walkman (yes, way before mp3s and CDs, there were cassette tapes).  In 6th grade, she bought me a point and shoot film camera.  My mom certainly knew me well, and until this day, music and photography are two of my biggest passions.  While music might be my lifeline, part of the reason why I love photography so much is actually because it is the perfect complement to music.  Ever since I got the camera on my 11th birthday, I've developed countless rolls of film.  Of all the photos I've taken, almost all of them were of people.  If you looked up "sentimental" in the dictionary, you'd find a picture of me hoarding all the physical objects I possibly can, that I've associated with good memories.  

For every song I write, music captures a snapshot of my thoughts, sentiments and ideas at that particular stage of my life.  Photography of course captures the other part that music and writing cannot.  Since I've done this all of my life, the natural progression is to share it with others and hope that someone can relate with me and find beauty in what I've found it in as well.    I hope you enjoy the work on this site, and I also hope one day I can capture some great "snapshots" for you!